Everything You Need to Know About Tires at Schaumburg Toyota

Here at your Chicagoland Toyota dealers, Schaumburg Toyota, our team is here to support you along every step of your car buying and car owning experience. Our sales and finance teams are here to help you pick out your new Toyota model whether you’re looking for the new and improved 2016 Toyota Avalon or the ever-popular 2016 Toyota Camry. We offer a full lineup of new Toyota models as well as a great selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Toyota models. Once you make your decision on your new vehicle, our fully trained service and parts departments are here to keep your new car running like new for years!


Here at our Schaumburg Toyota Service Center, our service staff consists of trained technicians, who all firmly believe that by having basic knowledge about your vehicle as well as maintaining regular service appointments, you can extend the lifetime of your vehicle by many years. One item that you can learn to inspect and care for is your tires. With each mile that your vehicle travels, it accumulates more wear and tear. As the miles add up, your tires and tire tread get more worn. Tire tread is essential as it is what maintains contact with the surface of the road and maintains traction. Tire tread is especially important during inclement weather as the snow, sleet, ice, and rain all cover the surface of the road and impair the tread’s ability to do its job. It is such inclement conditions that cause many people to be firm believers in winter tires. Winter tires feature deeper tread, which helps the tires and the vehicle maintain contact with the road.


We also firmly believe that regular inspections, whether it’s on your own or with our trained service technicians, will help you stop major problems before they occur. Tire rotations and maintaining proper PSI go a long way towards optimal performance and safety. Ensuring that your vehicle’s PSI is at a proper level will help prevent flat tires and tire blowouts. You can find proper PSI information in both your vehicle’s handbook and on the inside of your vehicle on a sticker on the inside of your doorframe. It’s also important to understand that the air temperature also affects your tires’ air pressure, so make sure to check your PSI frequently.


Here at our Toyota dealers serving Palatine, IL, our service and parts teams are here to guide you along the path of proper tire care and to help you keep your entire vehicle in good shape. If you’re not sure whether your tires are in good condition, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! Or you can head on down to our dealership located at 875 W. Golf Road to speak to a member of our team today!